eCommerce Product Videography.

Product videography is the leading trend for online e-commerce today. People prefer to look and perceive information visually. Therefore, using video for selling is a guaranteed key to success.

One of the main advantages a potential buyer will have is the ability to examine the product as if they were seeing it in person. This is an advantage for two main reasons. First, during these uncertain times, consumers prefer flexibility in how they shop (in-store vs. online) but want to feel as if they have seen the product they want to purchase in person. Second, an online store with video content will quickly gain trust and loyalty of customers versus one that simply uses photos and product descriptions.

Your potential buyer watches the video and will accordingly spend more time on your website- a factor which is taken into account by search algorithms. Consequently, your site will move higher in search results.

Using video provides you with an edge over the competition. Not everyone is using this powerful marketing technique. Therefore, if a person is given a choice - to go to a site with high-quality detailed videos or to a similar site without them - the choice will be obviously in favour of the first one. This is why your website traffic and the number of potential customers will grow.

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