Catalog Design.

We manage the entire process of Catalog Designing, Copywriting, Photography, Printing and Delivering.

Catalog is the most favorite tool for the sales team to convince any client.

High Amount of information about products.

Catalog can conveniently show your entire inventory list to a viewer. You’re not limited with space (like you would be if you were printing a brochure) and readers can take the catalog home to browse through all the information at their own leisure. Catalog is the best tool to present all your products and its features. Its the most preferable sales team tool.

Advantages of Catalog.

Catalogs are graphic pieces that are used by businesses to present their products and services. Today, this type of publication is commonly used by different companies because of the wide range of advantages they provide:

  • Customers will have the possibility to look at the products photographs carefully and to read the detailed descriptions and prices tranquilly.
  • They may also be able to come back to the catalog whenever they want. In this way, catalogs make it much easier for customers to purchase.
  • catalogs allow prospective customers to have a general idea about the products offered by a company rapidly.
  • As catalogs are high-quality printed pieces, both existing and prospective customers will keep them.
  • They are material representations of a business, comprising not only its products and services, but also including the company characteristic values.
  • catalogs are graphic pieces that perfectly complement other promotional methods, such as websites and leaflets.

Creativity. We innovate & create it different.

Design. Expert Techniques & Skills.

Promote your business with a professional and most creative brochure and pamphlet design.

We have created the world’s best creative design process and facilities to deliver the best pamphlets, brochures, flyers or sales & marketing kit.

Step 1. Copywriting & Content Creation.

We collect a brief about your company, products, services, business activity, clients and Target Industry. Then we start creative content writing with the perspective of sales and marketing. The best professional content writing can help and motivate the buyer, client or customer to take an action. It builds trust between you and your clients.

Step 2. Creating Conceptual Design.

our brand guideline is important to us. We understand and start doing a short online survey about your competitors and clients. Then we start designing the graphics of profile or brochure. We provide 3 different creative graphical design concept to the client. Client can select any 1 option. Client can ask for Modification, Editing or even merging of any selected options. After changes and modification client can approve the design.

Step 3. Photography service or stock images.

Every company profile or brochure contains professional images and photographs about the industry, products or services. We do product photography such as cosmetics, jewelry, medicine, industrial equipments or interior. We can do any kind of product or business photography. But if the client want us to use any stock photos such as istockphoto or shutter stock so we can use it for brochure or profile designing.

Step 4. Printing and Delivering.

After the client approve brochure designing, content writing and images, we may proceed the development phase. Once we get brochure design approval we will submit a printing quotation along with all paper sample and printing specifications. We deliver always any kind of company profile or brochure on time or before the time.

Some of our selected Catalog design work.

Surgical Instruments Catalog Design by Intech
Medical Instruments Catalog Design by Intech
Beauty Instruments Catalog Design by Intech
Sports Goods Catalog Design by Intech